Monday, April 02, 2007

A Wonderful Day

Yes 1st of April was a great day not because it was April Fool's was Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Giraffe went to mosque. Little terror had his G.I. Joe cut. I am highly-drugged with medication for more sleep and rest. Getting better but having the irritating cough which the "DUH" doctor did not prescribed.

There would always be problems in just how you handle them and tackles them.

On Thursday night went to doctor. He check my BP...he said it is moderate but going towards the higher side. He said I should cut down on my salt. Immediately my left eyebrow rise. Me and salt? Salt? Cut down on salt?

I told Rina on Monday...she said me and salt?

See, I eat my food bland or almost like hospital food what I normally called. Even my mum + eldest sis thinks that I don't have any taste buds.

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