Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spick & Span

Talked to G over the phone last night at 9:30pm. He said that he prefers a room with just the bed, rug, table and wardrobe. WHAT!!!

So where do I put all my books, more books and yet more books. My fabrics, my cross-stitch kit, my beads, my ribbons, my everything?

He said in the store room....say what? Store room?...All those accumulated treasures in the store room? Is he mad? And I asked, what about my sewing machine? He said sewing machine can stays in the room. Phew! Safe! Well I did not mention that I intend to buy an overlock machine in the near future or embroidery machine...hehehe. One steps at the time.

He don't mind sleeping in a single bed either. Maybe easier to kick me out when sleeping....ouch! Let's not look into the future. I am letting the weird relationship runs its normal course. Besides I can plan now but things might not go according to my plans later. The bit about not going to my plans was like, I cannot see myself without my treasures. I can give him up but not my cross-stitching. Sorry dude.

He said that his mum went on holiday once and came home with all her things gone one day (he throws all of them out) She was angry for few days and then calmed down. Now much happier with more space in her room.

If he throws my things when I am gone on holiday, I would castrate him!!

So I am starting to look into the things which I really, really need. I have a long list of books that I am going to put up on my Ebay Store. A Japanese Doll. 3 Porcelain dolls and etc.

I'll be busy this Good Friday. Before I forget, need to get mask before I make myself sick again for the 3rd time in a row.

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