Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sick Rants

I met giraffe on Tuesday evening (obviously after work) he was sneezing all the way home. I went home and I sneeze once (OMG)

Wednesday morning - Woke up with a sore throat and slight headache. On my way to office, I bought Strepsils for sore throat.

Afternoon: temp raising and by 5:30pm I ate 2 panadols to get rid of the headache.

Evening : Went to AMK and bought 2 cheap charts. 1 nose blocked.

Night : Eat dinner and ate 2 panadols, No fan facing me.

Thursday Morning: Woke up all sweaty but still not feeling well but much better than yesterday. Headache is reduced, nose is no longer blocked but runny now. Still having the sore throat. Green mucus and phlegm. I've lost my taste buds. Before leaving the house, ate some rice...taste like gooey mash stuff.

Before reaching the Office : Had an ice-cream...does not taste anything except gooey, slimy stuff in my mouth.

I would like to thank Giraffe for inflicting me with his germs. I am so sick now.

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