Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another 2 Days B4

The last time I stopped was at combing. Had to stop as today is Wednesday so it means nervous day...not for me but for DBo. He turns into a nervous wreck on Mon, Wed and Fri. That is when he has to see the monkeys and goats across the carpark. Back track...back to combing...

Combing my hair as I walked from my house to the driver's house for my daily lift to office. It took me 15mins of speed-walking as I have to climb that short hill and you are wondering hills in Singapore...there is no hills in here other than the Bukit Timah Hill. So over the hills, waddle thru the short lake (minor road), thru the forest canopies (covered walkway) and out into the open field I must pass to find the house that reside the One. Stopped, fan myself (I bring a small manual fan), wipe my glasses, sat down, unzip my bag, and start doing my cross-stitch. I manage a 10mins squeeze. By time, I reach the house, its 05:50hrs. The driver would come at 06:02hrs. Greet him, get on the mini van and well of course after packing my cross-stitch back into my bag. I feel like Mary Poppins. Everything can fit into the bag. Fell asleep until I reach the office.

Meanwhile, while I was asleep on the long and bumpy journey. The driver went to pick up his daily epok-epok to sell to the Banglas or local staffs. The smell of epok-epok was nice at first but smelling it every morning, it makes you feel sick only. No more sardine or potato for me. Besides the epok2 that he gets from his friends does not taste very nice especially the sardines. More onions than sardine. Might as well you called it epok2 bawang. At first, the sardines were not properly cooked...ok...I am getting off track now. Therefore, along the way, it goes and stops at various locations to pick my other colleagues and my boss and his boss..the Koreans. One thing for sure, they have never seen door in their entire life. As everyone that gets onto the minivan would slam it, so hard that it is just seconds away from the glass windows being shattered into pieces. I had a talked with one of the guys. I told them, if they were to do that again, I would personally slammed their head into the glass.

Reached the office, while still sleepy-eyed and yawning, they wake up and straight into the mess hall for breakfast. Do not ask me what they had but according to former boss, cat food has never tasted better. I am off to my office, switched on my pc and the rest of pcs. My pc is like the main brain. They could only access my pc to get all the required information’s. In addition, the rest of pc's where I had stored the original documents would be uploaded onto mine every evening before I left for house or morning before my Dbo finishes his breakfast. I even make additional back-up copies onto my second hard disk, just in case everyone crashed. Nope, I am not being Singaporean...all kiasu. This kiasuim is good coz; they used to amend my originals and even deleted them. I could have strangled them.

Too tired now, would continue tomorrow. I do not there would be much changes as it is a routine.

Another 3 days B4

Let's talk about ME Aren't we doing that, you might be asking. Nope, not really about me so far...let's talk about the real me. I try to break away from a routine, but I simply can't. The moment, I reached the office...ok.. back track time.

The roosters crowing and cows are mooing early in the morning, Look at the alarm clock, it's 04:35hrs and my handphone it's 04:28hrs. I had set both alarms, one with a simply dreadful mad cow mooing and a high-pitched rooster. Well I can't call it a hen as the rooster is always doing it. The dread noise had woke me up from my brief slumber. It's just 10mins ago when I fall asleep. Damn another day at work the alarm...Die you cow and rooster and went back to sleep. I simply woke up at 05:37hrs without the dreadful noise. Man! I'm gonna be late....Spring out of the bed as though I've been jolted with the MRT volts. Grab my tootbrush off for a quick shower. I was done in 5mins flat. what to wear....what to wear. I have alot of clothes in my room, in the 2 cupboards, in the box, in the laundry basket and on the floor. Those that are strewn everywhere are clean clothes, washed and perfumed by Softlan. Those on the floors are meant to be wash. I only wash my clothes once a week. And I only have 7 set of clothes to wear every week. The whole reason for all the untidiness is my mom and eldest sis. They have a problem with my room and anything that is in my room. Anything that in my room is a curiosity to them eventhough thay are basically clothes, books, papers, more books and papers. They are the HUGE BUSYBODY in the family...oh next in line would be youngest sis. She have a thing for what she see and can wear it means she keep them. You can't imagine how full packed and about to burst the wardrobes are with all the 'goodies' she kapo from the house and on to her house. She must be watching too many of the orang-utan movies...u know Dungston Something. So if things is all over the place, they do not come in and said that you could probably see a snake in there. I have no problems with real's the fake snakes that I'm having a problem.

Just grab my Egyptian skirt and beige tee, grab my bags that is full of cross-stitch threads, snip, charts, 2 magazines at least, wallet, house keys, comb (comb my hair along the way)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

5 Down

I weigh myself last night after dinner and resting. Yup 5kgs down but more to go. It's just a week. I'm really serious about losing all those extra baggages that I have been carrying around me for years.

After giving birth, I could fit into my jeans but now I can't. The jeans still in my closet and I'm going to do something about it. No more sewing big dresses or skirts for me. I've decided to make a change, live longer and healthily if not for myself at least for my son. I'm taking baby steps at the moment.

I was doing a brief cleaning last night of my old clothes, old bills, old papers. I found my cross-stitching books. More about them on the Xstitch site. I don't want to mixed but there is not black line as almost everything is intertwined. I had to pop the clothes in bag to throw them away or else would stop me from throwing and would think of ways to recycle them. That way, I would never get rid of them. So with my trusty scissors..snip. snip away and off to the bin.

I wonder why I had kept all those old bills. It all started from my former boss, Mr Ian Winfieldale. Good man and I miss him. I wish I can continue working with him but he had gone to Taiwan to concentrate on a new job. Everyone should have a father like him. He is so kind, wonderful, funny. Yes very funny in fact, he can make all kinds of Merry Melodies cartoon songs. I think he likes to do tweety bird. He have cats at home and whenever he did a tweety, I asked him, "Are you safe staying at home with the cats?" We all laugh. My project manager, Mr John Latham aka smiling tiger, The secretary, Ms Norizan, Engineer, Mr Mark Wood, Quality guy, Mr Antony Tindale, the train guy, Mr Malcolm Stevenson. It was like a happy family. I can certainly blend in with the Brits. Their sense of humour is interesting and you have to really understand what they actually joke about.

More after this as DBoss is

Monday, June 13, 2005

An Update

I have been crappy the whole of last week, something just cropped up at the last minute and all best laid plans do not proceed smoothly. I even get into a heated row over sms not verbally as it is too stressful. Smsing is much easier as you can edit and add before you press SEND.

Monday, yet another day. The monkey across the office called me early in the morning. Well not really early considering the time they start work at 8:30am. Oh by the way, Geotechnical "big people" came in late almost all the time. Not surprising if he doesn't know what is going on site. Enough about the "big people" (name have been concealed to protect me from being eliminated from the working industry), let's get back to his monkey and goat. The goat does not bother me so much now that monkey is back in charge. Rang me up and told him I've transferred the files to them. Surprisingly in the afternoon, the boss asked my boss and another useless kucing kurap if I had transferred. What the world have come to. Look, there is limit to my patience and tolerance level. But to make me a scapegoat for your own laziness and ignorance, that is not acceptable. Simply not acceptable.

One escape the frying pan and onto a greener pastures. Good for him. It's about time, 'he' realised that 'he' employed useless people to work for him. Really stressful, how I wish I can rant without being so vague about it.

Gassy man: I would not be able to work the whole points on Sat morning.
Me: That's all right, you can start on Friday and continue on Sat.
Gassy Man: But not enough time as I have to start somewhere else and no time to go to the other location.
Gassy man left the room
Me: Fixed Ear, you tell me, how long does it take to monitor the whole building.
Fixed Ear: About 30mins and a short walk to the next building. Another 30mins for that...most likely 1hr 30mins the max.
Me: So why in the Hell, he tell me he can't finish it. There is no such thing as being lazy. Not to worry, I get him screwed for sure.

Inilah manusia, bila sudah ada kerja, tak mahu bekerja dan mengada-ngada aje. Ikut cakap orang pun tak nak, semua tak boleh. Dia ingat da bos kompeni nie agaknya. Tak sedar diri, kalau macam gini dari dual dah panggil Mr Chris buang dia. Absolute rubbish and useless bugger. I wonder why we employ him in the first place. Well it takes a stupid person to employ another stupid person. If he works in "G", I've fired him long time ago. Lazy cow.

We would see what tomorrow brings now that big boss had the letter from a good fren. I'm most definitely not going to take up the extra workload left by him. It was me who gives up in the 1st Anyway, worse come to worse, I applied my important documents. Get the approval and tata...bye-bye goodbye.