Thursday, April 05, 2007

Spick & Span

Talked to G over the phone last night at 9:30pm. He said that he prefers a room with just the bed, rug, table and wardrobe. WHAT!!!

So where do I put all my books, more books and yet more books. My fabrics, my cross-stitch kit, my beads, my ribbons, my everything?

He said in the store room....say what? Store room?...All those accumulated treasures in the store room? Is he mad? And I asked, what about my sewing machine? He said sewing machine can stays in the room. Phew! Safe! Well I did not mention that I intend to buy an overlock machine in the near future or embroidery machine...hehehe. One steps at the time.

He don't mind sleeping in a single bed either. Maybe easier to kick me out when sleeping....ouch! Let's not look into the future. I am letting the weird relationship runs its normal course. Besides I can plan now but things might not go according to my plans later. The bit about not going to my plans was like, I cannot see myself without my treasures. I can give him up but not my cross-stitching. Sorry dude.

He said that his mum went on holiday once and came home with all her things gone one day (he throws all of them out) She was angry for few days and then calmed down. Now much happier with more space in her room.

If he throws my things when I am gone on holiday, I would castrate him!!

So I am starting to look into the things which I really, really need. I have a long list of books that I am going to put up on my Ebay Store. A Japanese Doll. 3 Porcelain dolls and etc.

I'll be busy this Good Friday. Before I forget, need to get mask before I make myself sick again for the 3rd time in a row.

Holiday Tomorrow, Medical Leave Yesterday and Working Today

I was so sick yesterday that I dragged my aching body and tired ass out of the bed late. I was contemplating between work and the doctor at 9:30am in the morning. More medicines finally won me over. Along the way, I bought cake with a plastic sports car on top for Adam.

Went home. Eat extremely bland fried bee hoon. Confirm hospital food. Wash all my clothes. Sick and still washing your clothes? Yes...if I leave it to another day...I wont have anything to wear as I have my 6 days clothes for the past 1 year routine. It's just recently someone gaves me their new 5 polo t-shirts. So I have more t-shirts to skirts. I have green, yellow, chequered red, black, flowery skirts. Lack of one for the 6th day. Probably would make another 1 or 2 tonight.

Making skirts, my way would probably took me less than 3hrs as there are no zippers or elastic band. All measurements made to suit my bum frame.

Slept at 2pm and wakes up at 8:30pm. Went back to sleep again at 10pm. I've never been this tired before and I've not gone to Post Office to mail my exchange either.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wrong Number

At 6:33pm today, I received a call from Donkey today. He said that he would called me once he finished from work today. I told him, don't you finished your work at 6? He said yes but still some work left to do. He repeat again that he would called me later after work.

It is really bothering me because I did not called him yesterday nor today. Not even an sms from me saying/telling/asking that I wanted to talked to him. why did he called and sounded as though he is returning my call?

That is so weird and I think he has been caught red-handed. Maybe he meant to call someone else but ends up u nconsciously dialing my number. And not knowing it was me, he just called to say what he would do.

Not a Safe Zone

I like working here but I dont like how some of them runs the work. It is not safe. I am straight and cant bend the rules. Although I am ok if the wall failed, factory breaks down due to on-going construction plus due to the fact that they are sitting on loose soils and early construction was a soddy job. But I have a problem if I have to go to jail for following my superiors order as they are verbal instructions. Nothing in black and white.

I am a spectator as well as a sitting-duck. So with that I concluded the beginning I was rather upset that Sam would not be having their own monitoring work...meaning I still be employed and can pay my house mortgage but after considering all that. I am glad that I would not continue working with them as I cannot land myself in hot soup just because my superiors told me to close my eyes.

Monitoring Consultant Team

The Lat guy was here this morning asking for more information and as usual claims that their pc is slow and buttering me up by saying that I am fast. Yeah right, L.

Anyway, what got me thinking was that he told me that from the new projects onwards....any monitoring would be done by the consultants and no longer by the contractor due to the Nicoll Highway collapse. That damn project collapses because no one paid attention to it. So as usual the 'big' people would put all the blame on the contractor doing it.

What crap, knowing how the systems run and your status in the could not just turned a blind eye to your work and not even bother to find out about it?? You shouldnt allow the contractor to spoon-feed get your bloody, enlarged mushroom ass down to site, walked around and spots checks, do unannounced inspection. Who is there to stop you since you are the 'big' shot. With all these random checks and your own initiative to find ut what really happen on in the world do you think that project would collapse.

So enough of the pointing out the obvious reasons. Sam is tendering for the down town MRT line which involves monitoring works. With what the Lat told me, I should start looking for a job in May - June. As Sam would not be having their own monitoring dept with all the increase in costs incurred each time they had to send the required instruments for servicing, calibration, repairs. That means cut costs in paying the local to operate the dept, paying the SR for earth, building monitoring works.

Maybe one of the reason why they send DBo back as they know that with the completion of this project...they dont need his expertise in running another dept.

But what is the funny aspect of what the Lat told me was that...the Lat would engaged a separate consultant to monitor all the to them and then they would send another copy of that report to the contractor. After going thru the info, the Lat would tell the consultant to take further readings to double-check, double-confirm. That is so funny. Even to process some simple thing....they take 3 weeks. What are the chances that the building do not collapse by then?

The reason is that they do not want the contractor to not give the first hand reading to them without being changed or further actions taken to rectify the mistakes. So the Lat is looking for easy money in a sense that when there is stop work order...project maybe be delayed by 1 month or 2 months and who would be paying to complete the project out of their own pocket...the contractor.

But I can't blame them entirely as there are people in Sam who tampers/modify/create with the data. The SR dont care about giving the actual results as long as the information suits what the Lat wants to see. The RS is a pig-headed and cant think/decide/enforce the rules considering that he is just on loan from the original company just to signs all documents and just for designation/title-wise sake.

I'm just a spectator.

Maintaining Relationship

I am doing maybe a daily journal of the things that goes on in my day each day...a recap. Or just a mind flow.

Monday came and I have like 4 or should I say 5 days of work that I need to clear but Dimwit keep appearing every 15 - 30mins asking if I have finished this, taken the reading for this and told me about the reduce in certain readings. And he does that all over again 2 or 3hrs later.

I like to work with my mind fully concentrating on what I'm supposed to do, have to do and not to be interrupted like every 2 secs. I was 1cm closed to calling him an idiot or locked my office door.

I put on my headphone and listen to the music over and over again. This time no one can complain as I am not disturbing or invading on their listening territory. And if they want to listen to any music...well tough luck as I'm not as obliging as before. I sick to my ass about being nice to people and then they walked all over me.

I cant never be like William...listening, keeping, analysing and very quiet. I am the ultimate chatter-box. I talked to my pc, I sing out loud, I talked to my imaginary person next to me. Very comforting knowing that IT never disagrees and what I say is right.

So G told me that he is going to airport to fetch his frens.

At midnight, frens not back as plane/flight got delayed in Dubai due to something which I cant hear clearly over the phone. I tried but things is really not working. I dont have hearing problem nor something wrong with my ears. It is when the other party couldnt pronounce the words clearly. Keep on gluing the whole sentence or perfect english words together.

At times, I feel ridiculous but I just kept quiet for fearing of offending the other person. So G asked if I had been to TYP. I paused, recalled back the whole events that leads me to TYP. And slowly I said yes. He asked if I was speaking/talking to some dude. I re-enact the whole events to him on what I had done and what I was doing. I told him that there is no way I was seen talking to or woman. He said that he have spies watching my movements. Yeah right....I'm like trapped in some James Bond kind of movie or what??

I told him slowly yet clearly that the next time...he so-called spies caught me talking to any living soul....please take a picture of me and prove it. I simply dont understand at all....why the need for his other frens to be watching me. Observing me, reporting all my moves to him. This is like ridiculous. Feels as though it is a crime to even talk to the shop-keeper.

Being in a relationship doesnt mean that you control someone like sheep to be slaughtered kind of feelings. He said he is jealous. More like over-possessive.

I'm beginning to see this whole relationship in a different light.

Monday, April 02, 2007

A Wonderful Day

Yes 1st of April was a great day not because it was April Fool's was Prophet Muhammad's birthday. Giraffe went to mosque. Little terror had his G.I. Joe cut. I am highly-drugged with medication for more sleep and rest. Getting better but having the irritating cough which the "DUH" doctor did not prescribed.

There would always be problems in just how you handle them and tackles them.

On Thursday night went to doctor. He check my BP...he said it is moderate but going towards the higher side. He said I should cut down on my salt. Immediately my left eyebrow rise. Me and salt? Salt? Cut down on salt?

I told Rina on Monday...she said me and salt?

See, I eat my food bland or almost like hospital food what I normally called. Even my mum + eldest sis thinks that I don't have any taste buds.