Friday, November 17, 2006

24Hrs Notice

I guess being tolerant of others has ended me in such a deep hole. My assistant sms to say (16/11/06) that she would submit her 24hrs resignation on Saturday. She has been missing from work since last Friday.

The events unfold: 10/11/06 - Son is sick and phlegm in the lungs. (Husband refuse to quit smoking)11/11/06 - FIL came and create problems13/11/06 - Can't come to work as need to inquire for house dept why can't rent a house14/11/06 - Can't come as going to apply a house to rent15/11/06 - Would come in today but later. At 4pm, I laughed myself silly...she did not turned up.16/11/06 - Sms to say that she is giving 24hrs notice.

No offence but there won't be a next time if I'm employing the Malay people. She is the 3rd Malay person who works for me. 1st had run off on the 2nd day as can't take the stress of copy and paste documents using Excel.2nd had an identity crisis (involve in stupid sucker (SS) group) and she spends more time smoking than working. Even the LTA complains about the wrong data transmitted.3rd, she had to marry a Malay guy who is fussy, choosy, thinks wife are cows for breeding and working. She can't face the reality that her husband is a heap of crap.

The house transaction did not goes well this afternoon but no problems on my part. The seller is delaying the whole procedure by getting a crappy lawyer to handle their divorce case and confirming their assets with the house dept. The much needed letters from lawyer would be ready on 15th Dec 2006. So processing would be on hold. They asked me...if that is all right with me. Sorry...again...if that is all right with me?? Like 'beep' 'beep' 'beep'it is all right with I look like I have a choice but to wait. I've paid more than $600 dollars for the processing fees. Duh!! Silly cows....I gotta wait....

So processing would start on 15th Dec. 2nd appointment would be 5 weeks after that. I am looking at next year house moving activities end of Jan 2007 or early Feb 2007. The lady officer had told me earlier (before the letter delay thingy) that I would be paying for the house on 1st Jan 2007. I told her that I would not be paying for something that is not going to be mine till end of Jan.

I am stressed out.

Carol - Thank you dearie but you don't have to send me anything.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

14th November 2006

I have a super duper yummy night last night. I went to re-connect and had a good laugh at myself. I realised how childish yet innocent my questions can be at times. Grow up woman!!...U are like 31years old...(take into account of last night event) + 1 day and few hours. The curiosity nature of mine that I had kept since young. I was able to laugh at myself. I was able to laugh without barriers, without thinking, thinking a care, without a concern. I laugh at myself and embraced it wholeheartedly.

Youtube is down for I cannot really show what my favourite songs are but from the list...when Youtube is can check out. I am born in 1975. I grew up listening to Boney M, Malaysian rock groups. My all time favourite, favourite, favourite band from Singapore..."Lovehunters" The name sounded tacky but they are not. They sings song about generation that change....blues for the people....of course love ballads....what would happen to my life if I don't have love ballads? Meaningless...mundane...dull...boring.

Ku Ukir Nama Mu (I Carve Name You = direct translation) & Ku Tetap Menanti (I Will Be Waiting)....gerek songs people. I have a major crush on the singer and still do...(just I wish he had kept his long hair). Saw them once in Kallang...I could have let my craziness taken over me and then what. pose for pictures when I do not have any camera with me. Ask for autographs...and then what would I do with it...sell on EBay...I rather keep the band music’s, delicious voice in my head, admire them the way they should have their privacy and time off.

I am in cloud nine today despite the anxiety that is building up for tomorrow's house appointment. I seriously hope & wish that everything would goes well and the officer would not ask weird questions. I want to bloody move from my present house before I drives myself crazy with the crazy neighbours that stopped by the house as though the house is a mini-mart.

5 days Missing In Action

5 days missing in action was meant for my assistant. She did not turn up since last Friday. I feel like strangling her at times. Slap her silly on both cheeks. Knock on her head with my knuckles thus bring some sense into her ridiculous and stupid life that she is going thru now.

Therefore, a woman marries the man that she thinks...would love, cherish and treasure her. He became lazy.....refuse to take a simple job just to provide ends meet.....too demeaning...too humiliating...too embarrassing...shameful of a lowly job. Working as a security guard is not the right job for's meant for older/elderly people who have nothing better to do on their hands and while their time away by sitting down and recording incoming and outgoing traffic.

So they had a child...due to the dead mother-in-law....they began feeding the poor baby with sweets, treats and unhealthy foodstuff. So he develop sweet tooth and not able to handle his sugar surges and huge appetite.

So husband job hops as though life is easy....son drinks expensive milk....mother wash her hands off everything....if anything goes wrong to her baby.."Well, I did not do it" how easy she would claim. Being father-in-law and knows that his son is down-right bloody freaking Hell lazy like a fat pig after her heavy dinner....lets the son marry a runway girl. Son never changes after marriage and runaway girl regret it big time. She was running away from her stressed out family. Father was never at home and loan sharks keep harassing them.

Her mum does not know how to maintain the 5 children but she produces them like kittens. Stress, low-self esteem, being molested once by her boyfriend father/grandfather...she seeks solace in marrying. choosing to end her single life in order to be free and live on her own.

So father-in-law chased out of the house as son was drinking cough syrup like plain water. He gets high, he can't go to work, he smokes all the time, hardly gives any money to the wife, can't take of his little son, played computer games till in the wee hours of the morning, complains about the constant back pain, complains of being tired and sleepy all the time, not able to help the wife in shouldering the house chores. Changing a baby pooed diapers is why doesn't he think about it before he screwed his wife and got her pregnant. Wife are not maid....they don't wash your dirty clothes, get laid, have babies, breed babies, grow babies and get laid all over again.

Husband has money in the savings but do not wish to buy a house and rather opt to rent out. Let me check this correctly...wife works at $1200 rental....cheapest around $300 + childcare (as her mum have not decided to take care of the 2yrs old grandchild since the daughter is facing problems with a USELESS FREAKING ASSHOLE WIFE SCREWER husband!!) + transportation to work + money for baby supplies + money for their food consumption. Buying a house means....paying that money and eventually the house is yours or even let out the extra room to relatives for extra income.

She is resigning today and I have yet to see her here tendering the resignation letter. I have alot of patience but I do not think the new company can accept her work attitude. Showing up as when she likes due to family problems.

She is too weak to complain her problems to her Chinese dad. Which I am sure that old man would wallop his son-in-law for ill-treating the wife by not doing his responsibilities as a father or the head of the family. She defends him even he is in the wrong. She lies for him. She covers for him. Put in good word to everyone. She trusted the husband when he out-rightly lies straight to her face when everyone in the family already knew that he is a born LIAR.

Need I say more...I am beyond angry but then what can I do...she choose to hang on to a broken and impossible dream. I hope he change for the better and she would have a peaceful life. I hope by the end of another 1yr...He does not she lives him and asks for child support.

The Singapore govt does not treat child support lightly. You do not go to jail! I think he deserves to be in the jail.

More to be continued after this............