Saturday, June 04, 2005

Back from Leave

Feeling too tired to wake up yesterday morning and had to call in sick for office. Slowly I get up and shower at 8:30am. I don't feel like waking up but you need to go to doctor and get a medical cert or else I have no excuse for staying at home.

Mum make mee goreng kicap so no chilli just soy sauce...yum, yum for a sick Telur goreng(fried egg) and fried fish cake is just good. I had to eat first. I don't think I can go to doctor with my tummy growling like a hungry lion (singa kelaparan).

Went to doctor, get the medicine and bought 3kg of noodles. You might ask...sick and 3kg of noodles? I've 3 nephews and 1 niece at home, 2 weeks of school holiday and they are eating monsters.

Mum make mee rebus with that 3kg of noodles. Ikan terubuk bakar, ayam goreng. There is no way I'm going to lose any weight staying at home with all the RICH food. I'm 130kg. I nearly had an heart attack hearing that. I was 110kg 2yrs ago.

The losing weight starts today and no more RICH food for me or night eating for me. Well I would eat at night as by the time I reach home it be 9pm. Maybe fruits only. Or else I have to bring breakfast, lunch and dinner to work as well. Dumb office don't have microwave oven. Only for the Kambings. And the kambings eat pork.....aaaarrrggghhhhh...I can strangle them easily with my bare hands. No offense intended for those pork loving eating homosapiens. Do you think I should bring my own microwave oven to office. There is a slight problem which would be good...power supply would trip. Power supply trips equal to no work. No work equals to can relax. Relax equals to no pay. Nope that's not good. Can't bring the oven...Think woman...think woman...or else you be eating cold lunch and dinner everyday. I know I bring a battery-operated oven. Huhh??

From sick to doctor, to mee to being very fat, to microwave oven and strangling Kambings? I'm really going off the track now.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stress Out Again

I was getting better when I reach home last night. I had manage to stitch some on Namuelle's fabric. I don't feel any pain at my waist. The moment I put it down and think about work, the pain came back quickly even before you can say help.

This morning, feels the pain again. I push the thought about work to the back of my mind and said that it is a pleasuring job. The pain slowly ease to a tolerable level. Cough still remains, running and block nose is gone for now. Stilll experiencing mild fever. Mood is back to a better level, no longer on crappy level.

I've gone to the point whereby I can't be bothered about my colleagues. Whether they are working, not working, where their worker is, leaving early, coming back late, work not done, graphs not updated, spreadsheet not consistent. I just don't care. I don't even care about the work anymore. I'm just doing the norm no more going the extra mile. What's the point, no one cares about it. They all expect me to do it.

Write more later, now time for breakfast. Mee Goreng. Let's see what $2.50 looks like.

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Slowly Mutating

I'm not in my bestest mood since last Friday. I've managed to detect my source of crappiness. It's due to work stress. It's slowly developing into a full blown flu. You got the stuffy nose on one and running nose on the other side. Scratchy throat. Huge stone in your head. An irritating cough that can't make up its mind whether to go full or stop half way thru. Dark green, thick and chunky mucus and phlegm that refuse to dislodge from your lungs. (One of the few reasons why I don't like chocolates)

Had lontong today. yum, yum eventhough it is high in coconut squeeze and in other words...fattening and clogged up your arteries but then I only live once not a cat with 9 lives. What else....1 cup of coffee, 1 can of Coke, 3 epok-epok (its the small version of curry puff). This is just a rant as I'm not feeling well and need to let out some stress.

I have made very few progress on Namuelle's fabric, would continue doing it all thru the night.

Going home now to eat as I'm starving.