Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Call it quits 2nd time

It's been 3 days since I last called Giraffe. Yeah I did the stupidest thing and reply his call (2 days after 9th Feb). Well at least I am well-prepared this time. I think I am ok without Giraffe around to disrupt my thinking and myself.

2nd time, I felt odd and awkward going out with him as my curious alert is set to red alert. So nothing he says seeped into me. Enter the right ear, exit the left ear.

3 Days of Hell

I am alive but not without major brain damage. Sg should never have long holidays/breaks more than 1 day. I am contented with my weekly Sunday breaks...the longest time that I have to spend with my mum.

The old bat went on lecturing spree on Sunday evening, pause on Monday evening continue on Tuesday morning. I was contemplating pushing her off from the kitchen windows but thinking seriously how to remove the obvious evidence. I've been watching far too many CSIs. I need a break. A real break away from my mother.

I did however manage to squeeze in some time to stitch a SanMan Design. Thought of cheating on my Wednesday SAL as today is WEDNESDAY and I have tonnes and tonnes of work piled up from Saturday. I am so lucky!

Bye people.....trying not to kill mum tonight.