Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wrong Number

At 6:33pm today, I received a call from Donkey today. He said that he would called me once he finished from work today. I told him, don't you finished your work at 6? He said yes but still some work left to do. He repeat again that he would called me later after work.

It is really bothering me because I did not called him yesterday nor today. Not even an sms from me saying/telling/asking that I wanted to talked to him. Eh....so why did he called and sounded as though he is returning my call?

That is so weird and I think he has been caught red-handed. Maybe he meant to call someone else but ends up u nconsciously dialing my number. And not knowing it was me, he just called to say what he would do.

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(: said...

lady !

finally u've updated your blog. haha, it is always good to read ur posts. haha,

(: see u sooon at lunchtime!