Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sick Rants

I met giraffe on Tuesday evening (obviously after work) he was sneezing all the way home. I went home and I sneeze once (OMG)

Wednesday morning - Woke up with a sore throat and slight headache. On my way to office, I bought Strepsils for sore throat.

Afternoon: temp raising and by 5:30pm I ate 2 panadols to get rid of the headache.

Evening : Went to AMK and bought 2 cheap charts. 1 nose blocked.

Night : Eat dinner and ate 2 panadols, No fan facing me.

Thursday Morning: Woke up all sweaty but still not feeling well but much better than yesterday. Headache is reduced, nose is no longer blocked but runny now. Still having the sore throat. Green mucus and phlegm. I've lost my taste buds. Before leaving the house, ate some rice...taste like gooey mash stuff.

Before reaching the Office : Had an ice-cream...does not taste anything except gooey, slimy stuff in my mouth.

I would like to thank Giraffe for inflicting me with his germs. I am so sick now.

Work HATE Posts

The private company wants all the staffs to sign the security pledge in order to put US in hot soup in case someone decided to sue the company. Sorry dear....that stupid paper would not be signed by me. I don't kill myself because of the company.

Let me check what have they given salary coz I worked my ass off besides that nothing.

I don't accept bribes, I don't go for drinks, I don't ass-licked my boss, I don't buy liquor for my boss unlike downstairs depts. They have virus on the network due to the downloaded pornography...LOSER. And my last day working here would be in July.

My ex-Dboss called me last night...the only Korean boss that understands me. The new one which is not really new...boss of my ex-Dboss still thinks that I'm an idiot. For everything, he needs to console with another dimwit.

Suprisingly that dimwit turns out to be cunning. He tampers with the data submitted to the road garmen dept (not my freaking problem) the wall can collapse for all I care. And the other loser surveyor did not tamper with his readings...he just create his own set of readings without doing the actual survey and for that...if the whole stretch of expressway collapse...not my freaking problem either.

Just because the project is coming to an end...everyone work to suit their needs. What are the chances that I would be working with this group of people in the next project??

See, I can always turns a blind eye and forget about all the hanky-panky going on in the office but what if the house/wall collapse. Well people can die for all I care besides 4.6 million of people on an tiny island is actually over-crowding. But I don't want to go to jail just because they tamper with actually reading data.

Let's Do A Series of Truth Posts - This is a HATE rants

Frankly...I HATE is the stupidest game on earth besides squash and golf but MEN being small-brained or shall I say pea-brained loves cricket. Why cricket and not football?? Coz you don't tire yourself out too much by running between to stumps. Oh yes...I learn about cricket and all the stupid stuff.

Even swinging the ball you have so many names to call for it...stupid. In gist, defender blocked the ball from hitting your 2 stupid sticks behind you. Blocked it by hitting it away with a bat. basically that's it about the whole hoohah. And cant be bother about which idiot who actually invented about one game can last up to 5days....stooopppppiiidddd.

And during the Cricket World team is allowed to bat till 50 overs meaning 1 over is 6 bats. 6 bats = hit the ball 6 times. 1 over = means in one seat of hitting the ball. Total is 300 bats and depends on your runs Runs meaning if you hit the ball and no one catch it...and it rolls to the alloacted boundary...that is 4 runs. But if you hit the ball and it goes out of boundary without touching the ground that is 6 runs.

I am busy minding my own business reading about cross-stitch and other practical news....along came my freaking f**k colleague disturbing me and telling me all about what do I have to do is to get to know about it. And now he thinks I know too much. Almost 90% men from India are MCP.

India lost.....and I am frigging happy about it. The MCPs are out of the World Cup coz they think they are so damn good. And imagine playing another team that is full of beer-bellies so they hit about 400 runs...a big deal?? That is called redeeming their shame against drunkard team. Eh what's the glory in that?? I'm sorry to say that because of their cockiness, they lose to school children Bangladesh team of 17s...their own countrymen thinks that they are good as well... News flash people...LOSERS!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Stage of Numb

I'm still in my stage of numb....trying to recover from the news that I've just received last Thursday. The donkey is living with someone and now having a 2-3 months old baby.

I couldn't cry as I think it is a waste of my tears. I confront him with it on Friday evening (via the phone) and the interesting part is that he did not deny it but just said that he was not there during that time.

I thought about it till I get migraine on Saturday. I am giving myself unnecessary stress.