Saturday, May 05, 2007

BYOB or Bring Your Own Bag Day

SG launches the not use of plastic bags whatever campaign on wed, 1st week of the month. To use recycle bag instead. The thought is good for our Earth but they failed to see one thing....which is clearly right under their nose.

The freaking pigeon holes aka flat that we lived in had the refuse chute located far from the holes....can you imagine me carrying my raw fish carcass, soiled sanitary pads, over-cooked food and simply dumped them into the chute!! We have been told to dump into a plastic bag and then into the refuse chute. What an idiot!! How does cutting down on plastic bag helps the environment when you did not think of the proper solution in the first place.

Have you thought of replacing the plastic bags with paper bags? Bio-degradable bags? Restricting it to just one day of the month is not helping nor changing anything. It does not create awareness. People just dont shop on that day, they can shop another day. Big deal! About 80 to 90% of people lived in flats...we dont have special bins where we can separate our waste products = paper, plastic, glass, metal, compose. And I dont think the garmen provides that at every single flats in the country. Considering that we have like over 50 families in one flat and you gonna provide 5 bin each?? Multiply that by the number of flats around SG.......alot of bins.

Out of My Life

Just an update...G is totally gone out of my life. He is not worth the effort. He never kept his words!! I'm not upset but glad it's over as I can't go thru with another person lying to me again...I still have issues to settled with D.

What my mum Thinks??

My mum thinks that those who work in office is having an easy life compare to those who stayed at home, take care of children & clean the house.

She firmly believes that going to office meant staring aimlessly at pc. By miracle the work get done. By miracle we dont have to move our butt in order to fax, photocopy, had a stupid discussion with out fellow colleagues. By miracle, we would stand, get pushed around in train and spends close to 3hrs in travelling time.

If I could trade a week with her. I would like to see how she performs all my work then. And If I were to be a SAHM, my son wouldn't be fat as what he is now. In order to calm him down, they had resorted to feed him with nonsensical crackers, sugared drinks, jelly and 3 times a day with 3 scoops of cereal added to his milk.

My freaking mum is killing my son. And my eldest sisters who actually failed to realised even when the matter is right under her nose...that both her son is obese due to over-feeding....she supported my mum saying that children should be allwoed to eat.

I'm sorry if you all have to read about me...cursing/swearing/hurl hurtful remarks towards my mum and eldest sis...but the truth is the truth. I can't hide the fact. They are both plain stupid.

E.g. with eldest sis to her eldest son, your Makcik (3rd aunt in Malay & which is me) stupid & doesn't know anything about computer, she does know how to burn any songs for you on to a cd nor download it on the MP3 player. I'm stupid??

E.g. with mum...when I wasn't working and had no have boobs...and you need to support your what do you? hijack your mum's ugly brown-coloured bra. Till today she grumbles that I steals her bras when she knew that I stopped that eversince I started working.

Yesterday was my mum's 60th birthday...eldest sis called and asked me about mum's boobs size....I told her, why in freaking Hell were you asking me about it...have you thought of asking her instead!!! She said that I used mum's bra....that actually does it...I can tolerate one old idiot and but another younger idiot who also thinks that way...that just pissed me off....I blow up at her.

Home time....mum was telling me indirectly it was her birthday. I appreciate that you reared me for your own benefits as when you get older, need money can blackmail me emotionally with your sobbing tales. I appreciate that you takes care of my son instead of throwing him out of the window knowing very well he is fatherless.

I don't expect my son to take care of me during old age. I'm thinking of getting myself registered into an old folks home when I reached 50. Well, that or I'll poisoned myself.

I did not wished my mum anything as there wasn't any need & I don't feel it. I can't be someone who can fakes a relationship. I'm more like a straight in your face kind of person.