Saturday, December 16, 2006

Having 2nd Thoughts

Is it just me....or it's just me. We actually laugh over the phone on some silly conversation?? Fell kinda bizarre....narrating the whole (well not the whole stuff...a gist) affair from a few days ago.

Ok...I would inform you of my me trying my best not to kill him or drown him..set back for a, telling me his schedule tomorrow? Whatever for? Would I even care if he slip on a banana peel and cracked his skull by the road kerb? Would I even care if he is going into his crazy business ventures yet again? I just replied ok. Wrong move girl...I should have known better. I kept thinking the whole thing till the next day. Wondering..what work schedule. Another business trip? MIL coming to visit? He is finally leaving? He finally decided to dropped dead on me? Ok evil thoughts but I am pissed off. Need to attend anger management class pretty soon before I explode head first.

So the next day...waited patiently, well rather anxiously as at 4pm, he said he would call and would inform me of his work schedule. no I decided to call him instead. I told him that he said he would called and inform me of his work schedule. Oh nothing much...just want to tell me what he is planning to do in the next few days. I why?...He said...why not, is it any wrong to intimate me with such details. Ok..woman is thinking super fast and super crazy thoughts came up. Do I even care? Why he bothers suddenly?...I said..intimate me?...well mind was really going crazy...telling me or intimate me?..that is 2 different things right.

So he asked me to meet him nearby...and I was going why?...nothing easier to intimate with the details of his schedule. Ok that is TOO weird for me. So crazy woman laugh. I know...I laugh at the slightest thing. it may not be funny for others but it easily cracks me up.

I need to lie down.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I Have Lost

I thought things would change...things change all me it meant for the worse. He/She assume it is for the best. When one give up on one's faith/belief and choose not to see the good in it but only the have lost themselves forever.