Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not a Safe Zone

I like working here but I dont like how some of them runs the work. It is not safe. I am straight and cant bend the rules. Although I am ok if the wall failed, factory breaks down due to on-going construction plus due to the fact that they are sitting on loose soils and early construction was a soddy job. But I have a problem if I have to go to jail for following my superiors order as they are verbal instructions. Nothing in black and white.

I am a spectator as well as a sitting-duck. So with that I concluded that...in the beginning I was rather upset that Sam would not be having their own monitoring work...meaning I still be employed and can pay my house mortgage but after considering all that. I am glad that I would not continue working with them as I cannot land myself in hot soup just because my superiors told me to close my eyes.

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