Friday, August 11, 2006


It was few days before my 30th birthday. People had said the number 13 is a bad luck. Those who are superstitious should avoid black cat, Friday the 13. Previously the Singapore MRT line does not have the number 13 on their northbound train line. Very odd I must say.

Besides, you cannot just skip to 14 after 12. Moreover, without 13 you cannot have 8 + 5 =. I wonder who planted the idea of it being bad and who the first one to follow it blindly is.

It has been two long years of waiting, looking to catch that glimpse, that familiar face, that familiar smell. 2 years of wondering, searching, what if that keeps popping into my mind. What if I had done this, what if I say, what if I was refused, what if MA was not acknowledged, what if this and what if that. 2 years of silently praying, wishing for a miracle to happen. Few days before my birthday, the long awaited prayers and for a miracle to came true.

I was shaking like a leaf. It is like seeing a past. It is like seeing a ghost. Words can described what I had felt then and even words failed me now. Wonder if this is what other person must have felt when the one that they wanted to see all their waits came true. First time in my life I stammer, first time in my life I fumbled with words, first time in my mind was totally blank. All I wanted to do was to pinch myself and feel that it is not a dream. I am not dreaming. It is real. My heart was pounding...I literally could hear the loud pounds in my cheat. Feel as though my lung was going to burst.

Finally, I could smile again. All those months = 2yrs of waiting have bore the fruits.