Friday, January 05, 2007

Move on Really Fast

I was going thru my list of bloggers...down my x-stitching site and decided to pay a visit on a fellow. It struck me badly...I'm actually wondering what makes him take such a quick decision. His dear, bubbly wife passed away from unknown reason (not disclosed) in Feb 2006 and now he is getting hitched with another lady...wearing the ring in Dec 2006!!

Either I've been watching too many American murder movies/flicks/dramas, CSIs, Matlock, Murder She Wrote...etc or I think it is just plain rude. How can a person moves on so fast. Doesn't the memory of the wife means anything to him at all?

I've been reading the blog, seems as though, he never got married and was a bachelor all along. Maybe he thinks that it is better to get hitched again since the other girl is waiting for so long.

I have to really stopped reading all these murder mystery books. Can I say that he kills the wife?? Reality is so sad at times. It really bugs me....Can I say that I should be happy that he has found someone else to fill in the empty void eversince the wife left him? I can't lie to my heart about that.