Thursday, April 05, 2007

Holiday Tomorrow, Medical Leave Yesterday and Working Today

I was so sick yesterday that I dragged my aching body and tired ass out of the bed late. I was contemplating between work and the doctor at 9:30am in the morning. More medicines finally won me over. Along the way, I bought cake with a plastic sports car on top for Adam.

Went home. Eat extremely bland fried bee hoon. Confirm hospital food. Wash all my clothes. Sick and still washing your clothes? Yes...if I leave it to another day...I wont have anything to wear as I have my 6 days clothes for the past 1 year routine. It's just recently someone gaves me their new 5 polo t-shirts. So I have more t-shirts to skirts. I have green, yellow, chequered red, black, flowery skirts. Lack of one for the 6th day. Probably would make another 1 or 2 tonight.

Making skirts, my way would probably took me less than 3hrs as there are no zippers or elastic band. All measurements made to suit my bum frame.

Slept at 2pm and wakes up at 8:30pm. Went back to sleep again at 10pm. I've never been this tired before and I've not gone to Post Office to mail my exchange either.

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