Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Woman Makes the worse Drivers in Singapore

This morning on my way to office...my usual 20mins of fast walk. Green light was on my side with the green man indicating that I can walk. Out of the side, a lady drives with her blue car trying to run me down. She pressed the horn twice!! What the f**k! I said and point at the traffic light. She quickly droves off. I should have take down her car number. She was turning into one of the minor road in Kallangway area (besides Solectron Bldg) I regretted not flashing my middle-finger to her. If she were to come out of the car and confront me, I would seriously kicked her with my safety shoes and make her stayed at home due to her shin being broken after a good kick from me.

2 - 4 weeks ago, an accident had occurred there. Between a car and a motorcycle. The very same area where I stood to cross the road.

Woman should never be allowed to drives on Singapore road. They are the most...correction. All the women that I've came across that drives is an IDIOT!! They are either freeking stupid, super brain-dead, too scared of other big cars or over-confident. Seriously they practically pissed me off. The best place for them to drives car is the bumper car at the fair.

I know one female bus driver that drives the bus 966 (morning). She drives slower than a snail and she jerks the damned bus like every 2 mins on the expressway.

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Anonymous said...

you should have sat in the car when angeline was driving. haha!