Monday, April 16, 2007

At Day without Mum

Mum entered JB, My last Sat evening with eldest sis. Stayed the night at youngest sis house. Youngest sis is down. As in cant eat, cant drink, her round face have become long (details according to mum) and her swollen tummy (fat) had shrunk. (isn't that good??) She had lost alot of water and whatsoever as she have been vomitting eversince she found out that she is pregnant.

Mum had a stopover as her destination was to meet a man for youngest sis. To cure her not by scientific method. Malay's called it Bomoh but English calle dit witch doctor. Anyway the guy wasn't a witch or wizard. He just treat people using the Holy words. Faith in All Mighty.

Adam slept with me. He slept on the bed while I sleep on the mattress beside the bed, on the floor. It is comfortable sleeping on the floor than with him. I used to wake up every hour just to check on him (sleeping with him on the bed). If I had pressed on him. Each time he turns, I would wake up. Damn stressful.

I woke up around 5:49am and watched the telly. I watched my Japan Hour, 7th Heaven (last episode I supposed as all girls are having twins).

Ladies break....brb

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