Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can I Kicked Myself on my A**

Patience finally cracks on me last night. G came to office and it dawns upon me that I like him but he is not a husband nor a father material. He is not responsible enough. He is not caring enough. He is not alot of things.

The part when you loved someone, you must accepts his shortcomings or handicaps just does not apply to me.

I hated the way he eat his food. The way he wasted his food. The way he ordered me around. The way he tries to tame me. Sorry dear, I ain't buying into being a servant wifey thingy character.

He is too loud. He is too open. He talks without concern if people could listens to his crazy words. He is childish in listening to loud music on train.

I'm listing all the points here. Well I am trying to lists down the points that irritates me alot. He uses vulgar words. Like F**K U in Hokkien. Darn, I am not going out with a Secret Society. The most I would do is flash a person if I'm annoyed but not FO like in every other sentence.

Back to work now.

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(: said...

G came to the office??

since u see him with so many flaws (the most important point being not a father material), should really think twice.
(: hope u work it out!