Saturday, April 14, 2007

Can never teach a "Dimwit" new tricks.

Let's start with yesterday, 5 mins to 6pm.

Eversince DW wife's gave birth, he has been going home 1hr earlier each day. To me, it's none of my business even if he doesn't come to

So 5 mins before 6pm was his knocking off time from work. I seriously need to review my working hours again. I ends at 7pm while he gets pay much more than me and lesser hours in office. Darn!

He came in saying that Mr. Female Voice wants the data of the 2 inclinometers in 15 mins. Say what! 15 mins to get all the report from the year 2005 done. I ask DW, did you forget to mention that you don't do magic tricks. So, who ends up doing the work? ME! Of course, he is totally dependent on me that if given the opportunity he probably would not be able to shit before asking me to lift up the toilet seat for him.

How long did I take to do the work? 1hr. Because DW had to see what are the maximum readings first. And exporting out data from another software to another software is not that fast considering that it is a 3yrs worth of records. And DW keep hovering over me like a fly. Kept on asking if I'm done (when he should be doing the job in the first place) Just out of my normal common sense, why in the freaking Hell wouldn't Mr Female Voice approach me like 1hr earlier. Why does he have to wait for DW first in order to get the work done. The fact is DW doesn't do the work. He is practically DW to begin with no drop of common sense.

Seriously, I think Mr. FW (alias f**k well?? has a problem. I wonder why they keep on thinking me (woman) is stupid, brainless and totally clueless (hey I'm not blonde okay!!) Doesn't he realise by now that I'm a CAD operator cum secretary cum controlling workers & surveyors work schedules cum remembering what goes on in this Dept eversince the 1st boss and followed by 2nd boss departures. Men are so STOOOPIIIDDDD.

So today,

DW finishes at 12noon but goes off at 10:30am. That is some serious working hours problem in my contract! But before that, he had to hurry me with other totally unnecessary work which could be done by him.

DW went on site to check the settlement markers at Alju Road. He finds it different from the drawing that I gave him. He told me to change the location according to his inspections of the points. I told him that I can't do that as the original points must have been covered by soil thus the surveyor had it re-installed elsewhere and they did not submit to me the relocated as-built coordinates. I try telling him that 3 times and it doesn't get register into his thick skull. I checked with the Excel file and confirmed that the points have been relocated as it has been changed to A rev.

So I gave in (what's the point of talking to wall), open my drawing file and re-name it. What, you think I'm stupid just because DW is a "blonde" Change the settlement markers as per His Majesty wishes. Changed the excel file, and created a new excel file of re-initialise readings. Print out for him. DW is very happy and grinning to ear to ear. He said he would used this to submit to LAT. By all means, do it. I don't want any part of it.

After he left my office. I called the surveyor and told him to as-built the relocated settlement markers. After that is done, I would add that points to my original file. Men are STOOOOOPPPIIIIIDDDD. I don't bend/conform just to suit their need to see things done for their own convenience. I go by the book. I don't follow blind orders.

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