Monday, June 13, 2005

An Update

I have been crappy the whole of last week, something just cropped up at the last minute and all best laid plans do not proceed smoothly. I even get into a heated row over sms not verbally as it is too stressful. Smsing is much easier as you can edit and add before you press SEND.

Monday, yet another day. The monkey across the office called me early in the morning. Well not really early considering the time they start work at 8:30am. Oh by the way, Geotechnical "big people" came in late almost all the time. Not surprising if he doesn't know what is going on site. Enough about the "big people" (name have been concealed to protect me from being eliminated from the working industry), let's get back to his monkey and goat. The goat does not bother me so much now that monkey is back in charge. Rang me up and told him I've transferred the files to them. Surprisingly in the afternoon, the boss asked my boss and another useless kucing kurap if I had transferred. What the world have come to. Look, there is limit to my patience and tolerance level. But to make me a scapegoat for your own laziness and ignorance, that is not acceptable. Simply not acceptable.

One escape the frying pan and onto a greener pastures. Good for him. It's about time, 'he' realised that 'he' employed useless people to work for him. Really stressful, how I wish I can rant without being so vague about it.

Gassy man: I would not be able to work the whole points on Sat morning.
Me: That's all right, you can start on Friday and continue on Sat.
Gassy Man: But not enough time as I have to start somewhere else and no time to go to the other location.
Gassy man left the room
Me: Fixed Ear, you tell me, how long does it take to monitor the whole building.
Fixed Ear: About 30mins and a short walk to the next building. Another 30mins for that...most likely 1hr 30mins the max.
Me: So why in the Hell, he tell me he can't finish it. There is no such thing as being lazy. Not to worry, I get him screwed for sure.

Inilah manusia, bila sudah ada kerja, tak mahu bekerja dan mengada-ngada aje. Ikut cakap orang pun tak nak, semua tak boleh. Dia ingat da bos kompeni nie agaknya. Tak sedar diri, kalau macam gini dari dual dah panggil Mr Chris buang dia. Absolute rubbish and useless bugger. I wonder why we employ him in the first place. Well it takes a stupid person to employ another stupid person. If he works in "G", I've fired him long time ago. Lazy cow.

We would see what tomorrow brings now that big boss had the letter from a good fren. I'm most definitely not going to take up the extra workload left by him. It was me who gives up in the 1st Anyway, worse come to worse, I applied my important documents. Get the approval and tata...bye-bye goodbye.

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