Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another 3 days B4

Let's talk about ME Aren't we doing that, you might be asking. Nope, not really about me so far...let's talk about the real me. I try to break away from a routine, but I simply can't. The moment, I reached the office...ok.. back track time.

The roosters crowing and cows are mooing early in the morning, Look at the alarm clock, it's 04:35hrs and my handphone it's 04:28hrs. I had set both alarms, one with a simply dreadful mad cow mooing and a high-pitched rooster. Well I can't call it a hen as the rooster is always doing it. The dread noise had woke me up from my brief slumber. It's just 10mins ago when I fall asleep. Damn another day at work the alarm...Die you cow and rooster and went back to sleep. I simply woke up at 05:37hrs without the dreadful noise. Man! I'm gonna be late....Spring out of the bed as though I've been jolted with the MRT volts. Grab my tootbrush off for a quick shower. I was done in 5mins flat. what to wear....what to wear. I have alot of clothes in my room, in the 2 cupboards, in the box, in the laundry basket and on the floor. Those that are strewn everywhere are clean clothes, washed and perfumed by Softlan. Those on the floors are meant to be wash. I only wash my clothes once a week. And I only have 7 set of clothes to wear every week. The whole reason for all the untidiness is my mom and eldest sis. They have a problem with my room and anything that is in my room. Anything that in my room is a curiosity to them eventhough thay are basically clothes, books, papers, more books and papers. They are the HUGE BUSYBODY in the family...oh next in line would be youngest sis. She have a thing for what she see and can wear it means she keep them. You can't imagine how full packed and about to burst the wardrobes are with all the 'goodies' she kapo from the house and on to her house. She must be watching too many of the orang-utan movies...u know Dungston Something. So if things is all over the place, they do not come in and said that you could probably see a snake in there. I have no problems with real's the fake snakes that I'm having a problem.

Just grab my Egyptian skirt and beige tee, grab my bags that is full of cross-stitch threads, snip, charts, 2 magazines at least, wallet, house keys, comb (comb my hair along the way)

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