Monday, June 06, 2005

A Quiet Sunday

Start off with the morning sleeping beside Adam as mum decided to go to market. Don't assume that I am lazy about going to market. I don't mind going to market, just not the pork, chicken, beef, fish section, dark murky water that is on the slippery wet floor.

Pushing thru the trolley along the narrow passage when all the aunties, uncles, grandmum was waddling about slowly. You can't overtake them as there is no 2nd lane. Your "excuse me" would meet with serious stares and low grunt. So mum off to market while I continue sleeping.

Adam decided to wakes up and me pretending to be asleep. He lean on me and called "Ami! Ami" My mum decided that since eldest are called Mak, 2nd is Mama and 4th is Ibu so mine should be Mummy. Cheeky son of mine called me Ami. It means mother in Hindi. I supposed it is all right since he rather watch Hindi movies than cartoon at his age. He loves the ghazals and oldies (the part whereby my late dad loves) The way he sleep, sit, talked is like my late dad when he have never met the old man before!

I woke up, fried some rice, mum bought roti prata with fish gravy...yum yum. She decided to make Mee Soto. Rebus ayam (boil the chicken) dan siat isi ayam (manual slice chicken meat), Zohrah sahaja yang makan sebab yang lain macam keluar dari hutan tak tahu makan. By the time it is late afternoon and night time, the 4 clowns decided that Mee Soto is nicer. Why is it so difficult to understand that whatever I said about food is good for you and you refuse to listen in the 1st place?

The 4 clowns had roti prata, fried chicken, udang masak asam (prawns in plum sauce), ondeh-ondeh green beans.

By 3pm, all of us had gone down to playground. Me (the big kid) all play police and thief. It was a silly game but it's fine to unwind once awhile. When the neighbour start calling and waving from 14th storey, I know it is time to go home and avoid them. I don't like the mother as well as the daughter. Her 5yrs old kid is Angelica from Rugrats. Her mum is like a sponge, she soak up anything that she can find. Any gossips, food, recipes, my son's diapers, talcum, glucose, milk powder, toys and biscuits. Since my mum have a thing for Indonesian people. She is afraid that the lady might cast a spell on her or the family since they are known to dabble in black magic. It's an ancient belief that those people from Indonesia, Thailand are good in witchcraft things. (I wonder who gives the moronic ancestors that ideas) Left to my own devices, I'll broom her away and then we see who is Wicked Witch of the East.

Adam fall asleep after cleaning up. While I just doze off next to him. Woke up at 8pm, listening to 4 clowns making noise and talking about their classmates.

I don't feel hungry as I've eaten 2 bowls of Mee Soto. Just sat and listen and then watch TV...Kaho Naa Pyar Ha till 3am. Woke up today at 5am.


mama mia said...

Amboi amboi amboi........sedapnya makanan engkau orang semua kat sana!!! meleleh air liur kakak kat sini. Maklumlah, bukan senang nak dapat bahan untuk masak disini. bukan senang? oops tersalah, tak boleh dapat langsung. kena harapkan kat hang untuk hantar. takut kalau bengkrap nanti sapa pulak boleh tolong eh??? kah kah kah

eLAnee said...

Your day sounds fun... especially the police & thief part... I like to play silly games too....