Tuesday, June 14, 2005

5 Down

I weigh myself last night after dinner and resting. Yup 5kgs down but more to go. It's just a week. I'm really serious about losing all those extra baggages that I have been carrying around me for years.

After giving birth, I could fit into my jeans but now I can't. The jeans still in my closet and I'm going to do something about it. No more sewing big dresses or skirts for me. I've decided to make a change, live longer and healthily if not for myself at least for my son. I'm taking baby steps at the moment.

I was doing a brief cleaning last night of my old clothes, old bills, old papers. I found my cross-stitching books. More about them on the Xstitch site. I don't want to mixed but there is not black line as almost everything is intertwined. I had to pop the clothes in bag to throw them away or else would stop me from throwing and would think of ways to recycle them. That way, I would never get rid of them. So with my trusty scissors..snip. snip away and off to the bin.

I wonder why I had kept all those old bills. It all started from my former boss, Mr Ian Winfieldale. Good man and I miss him. I wish I can continue working with him but he had gone to Taiwan to concentrate on a new job. Everyone should have a father like him. He is so kind, wonderful, funny. Yes very funny in fact, he can make all kinds of Merry Melodies cartoon songs. I think he likes to do tweety bird. He have cats at home and whenever he did a tweety, I asked him, "Are you safe staying at home with the cats?" We all laugh. My project manager, Mr John Latham aka smiling tiger, The secretary, Ms Norizan, Engineer, Mr Mark Wood, Quality guy, Mr Antony Tindale, the train guy, Mr Malcolm Stevenson. It was like a happy family. I can certainly blend in with the Brits. Their sense of humour is interesting and you have to really understand what they actually joke about.

More after this as DBoss is here....ciao....lol


eLAnee said...

Wow... 5kg ah... at the rate U R going, U can really slim down, U know!! Keep going!! I'm cheering U up. But do take care, dun be too extreme.

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

Not going to be extreme, just losing what I shouldn't keep...lol.

I watch Extreme Makeover and liposuction is so out of the way. To me that is sick.

eLAnee said...

But I am very impressed by the stuff they so in EXM. Can really make a not so pretty person SO pretty!!! But all artificial. Fake boobs, fake chins, etc.

I hope U succeed in what U aimed at doing.

eLAnee said...

My colleagues... showed me what is perserverance. They ate low fat/calories, high protein food, and they slimmed down alot. More than 10kg. I'm so impressed. They proved to me that if U R set on wat U wana do, U can do it. I'm so proud of them.