Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another 2 Days B4

The last time I stopped was at combing. Had to stop as today is Wednesday so it means nervous day...not for me but for DBo. He turns into a nervous wreck on Mon, Wed and Fri. That is when he has to see the monkeys and goats across the carpark. Back track...back to combing...

Combing my hair as I walked from my house to the driver's house for my daily lift to office. It took me 15mins of speed-walking as I have to climb that short hill and you are wondering hills in Singapore...there is no hills in here other than the Bukit Timah Hill. So over the hills, waddle thru the short lake (minor road), thru the forest canopies (covered walkway) and out into the open field I must pass to find the house that reside the One. Stopped, fan myself (I bring a small manual fan), wipe my glasses, sat down, unzip my bag, and start doing my cross-stitch. I manage a 10mins squeeze. By time, I reach the house, its 05:50hrs. The driver would come at 06:02hrs. Greet him, get on the mini van and well of course after packing my cross-stitch back into my bag. I feel like Mary Poppins. Everything can fit into the bag. Fell asleep until I reach the office.

Meanwhile, while I was asleep on the long and bumpy journey. The driver went to pick up his daily epok-epok to sell to the Banglas or local staffs. The smell of epok-epok was nice at first but smelling it every morning, it makes you feel sick only. No more sardine or potato for me. Besides the epok2 that he gets from his friends does not taste very nice especially the sardines. More onions than sardine. Might as well you called it epok2 bawang. At first, the sardines were not properly cooked...ok...I am getting off track now. Therefore, along the way, it goes and stops at various locations to pick my other colleagues and my boss and his boss..the Koreans. One thing for sure, they have never seen door in their entire life. As everyone that gets onto the minivan would slam it, so hard that it is just seconds away from the glass windows being shattered into pieces. I had a talked with one of the guys. I told them, if they were to do that again, I would personally slammed their head into the glass.

Reached the office, while still sleepy-eyed and yawning, they wake up and straight into the mess hall for breakfast. Do not ask me what they had but according to former boss, cat food has never tasted better. I am off to my office, switched on my pc and the rest of pcs. My pc is like the main brain. They could only access my pc to get all the required information’s. In addition, the rest of pc's where I had stored the original documents would be uploaded onto mine every evening before I left for house or morning before my Dbo finishes his breakfast. I even make additional back-up copies onto my second hard disk, just in case everyone crashed. Nope, I am not being Singaporean...all kiasu. This kiasuim is good coz; they used to amend my originals and even deleted them. I could have strangled them.

Too tired now, would continue tomorrow. I do not there would be much changes as it is a routine.

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