Thursday, March 29, 2007

Work HATE Posts

The private company wants all the staffs to sign the security pledge in order to put US in hot soup in case someone decided to sue the company. Sorry dear....that stupid paper would not be signed by me. I don't kill myself because of the company.

Let me check what have they given salary coz I worked my ass off besides that nothing.

I don't accept bribes, I don't go for drinks, I don't ass-licked my boss, I don't buy liquor for my boss unlike downstairs depts. They have virus on the network due to the downloaded pornography...LOSER. And my last day working here would be in July.

My ex-Dboss called me last night...the only Korean boss that understands me. The new one which is not really new...boss of my ex-Dboss still thinks that I'm an idiot. For everything, he needs to console with another dimwit.

Suprisingly that dimwit turns out to be cunning. He tampers with the data submitted to the road garmen dept (not my freaking problem) the wall can collapse for all I care. And the other loser surveyor did not tamper with his readings...he just create his own set of readings without doing the actual survey and for that...if the whole stretch of expressway collapse...not my freaking problem either.

Just because the project is coming to an end...everyone work to suit their needs. What are the chances that I would be working with this group of people in the next project??

See, I can always turns a blind eye and forget about all the hanky-panky going on in the office but what if the house/wall collapse. Well people can die for all I care besides 4.6 million of people on an tiny island is actually over-crowding. But I don't want to go to jail just because they tamper with actually reading data.

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