Thursday, November 23, 2006

Was I Right - Wild Imagination

It's 18:39 on SG time....I sits here at my deck typing away. Did I make the right decision. Did I betray myself. Did I let him get to me. Did I let him abuse my rights, thoughts, emotions and feelings. I could only hope for the best & goodness in everyone no matter what a failure he had been. I hope I have make a right decision. There is no turning back. Now that he have left the country and heading for the China Sea.

I wish to the people upstairs to let the plane crash and only he would die...well maybe from drowning so that he would not be able to come back and abuse me. Maybe the plane would caught fire, burn his face...leave the teeth for identification sake. Burn his hand....1st, 2nd, 3rd degree that he be really dead. Ok wait let him suffocated first from the fumes + smoke...then the fire can roast him while he is still unconscious??

While the whole body is being engulf in fire....the plane plunges into the huge body of water...doused the fires....a rescue ship happen to be on site...with rescue helicopters...and he plunges deepes into the sea....after 2 days, his body finally surfaced...bloated, grossed, decaying, decomposed...smells really, really, utterly, terribly, horribly smelly.

Now that would be letting him off too easily. Coz the donkey still have hutang to be paid. Hutang nyawa. Now that is so drama.

I'm sitting in my terrible uncomfortable chair that does not move since it has no wheels. No wheels means it won't move and I don't slip while sitting or sleeping. Back ache from my right shoulder running down to the right wing and ending at my right butt. Severe head pounding activities on my right brain too. I wish I can lie down and let the bulldozer just roll me.

I am simply tired...getting too old now....31years old and old? Considering that I've been working since young....let me check 9yrs old...22yrs is such a long time.

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