Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Twerp + Increase = Old Cows

So GST is going to raise to 7% next year. Reason being to support the old people. I have nothing against the old people...but seriously if they don't even bother to help my mother...I don't see why I should help their mothers. The transport fare were increase and reason given = to support the old people. Seriously...this support the old people thingy is seriously getting on my freaking nerves. My mum does not get help....like Hell I am going to support their old people. But do I have a choice??? NO!!...Cause the "garmen" said so...so I have to listen obediently like a dog with a dry bone and keep quiet. Where is the wall when I need one. :banghead::banghead::banghead:

My pay still stays the same (next year likely to be out of job due to completion of construction project)....transport fare increase, goods tax increase, electric & water bills increase, groceries increase. Employer CPF contribution not increase.

The twerp was in SG few days ago..twerp commented on us being resourceful and yada..yada against terrorist. Honestly speaking, twerp being here is like attracting terrorists to the peaceful sunny island. First time in my life, I can actually feel that my heart being squeezed so tight as though something evil and bad going to happen. That twerp is born jinx (same goes to twerp senior)+ bad luck to anyone when twerp open his mouth. Look at the disaster that twerp created in ME.

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everin4 said...

i didnt manage to catch the twerp. i think i forgot the twerp even came. that explains the early shift of police man gathering outside the supreme court and parliment. haha! idiots.