Thursday, November 23, 2006

I post queer, weird thoughts to de-stress or un-wind myself. It's the only thing that I can do since I am cooped up in office all day long like chicken at chicken farm..Eat, drink, lay eggs, sleep, eat drink...and so on.

I bought a ruler last night. Yes a straight edge as the kambings kompeni don't have one. There is one pencil sharpening gadget that is attached to a cupboard. Cupboard beside the main traffic walkway and shared by the whole kambing kompeni. Except for one single, dwarf, non-married, old Pinoy man who is not interested in getting bloke (do I think he is gay?) sharpens his pencils. Well any guys that is shorter than me is considered short. I even make fun of my DBoss. Make fun of his pronounciation, his height, his short golf club, his weird sense of shirts colour, his bad smoking habits, his forgetfulness.

In one word...I poke fun at is good that he can actually laugh at himself...or else I'll be in one hot, boiling, scalding, life-threatening soup. I need the money to pay for my existence plus a few others. I don't need the is fine for me....kwang kwang kwang.

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