Friday, November 17, 2006

24Hrs Notice

I guess being tolerant of others has ended me in such a deep hole. My assistant sms to say (16/11/06) that she would submit her 24hrs resignation on Saturday. She has been missing from work since last Friday.

The events unfold: 10/11/06 - Son is sick and phlegm in the lungs. (Husband refuse to quit smoking)11/11/06 - FIL came and create problems13/11/06 - Can't come to work as need to inquire for house dept why can't rent a house14/11/06 - Can't come as going to apply a house to rent15/11/06 - Would come in today but later. At 4pm, I laughed myself silly...she did not turned up.16/11/06 - Sms to say that she is giving 24hrs notice.

No offence but there won't be a next time if I'm employing the Malay people. She is the 3rd Malay person who works for me. 1st had run off on the 2nd day as can't take the stress of copy and paste documents using Excel.2nd had an identity crisis (involve in stupid sucker (SS) group) and she spends more time smoking than working. Even the LTA complains about the wrong data transmitted.3rd, she had to marry a Malay guy who is fussy, choosy, thinks wife are cows for breeding and working. She can't face the reality that her husband is a heap of crap.

The house transaction did not goes well this afternoon but no problems on my part. The seller is delaying the whole procedure by getting a crappy lawyer to handle their divorce case and confirming their assets with the house dept. The much needed letters from lawyer would be ready on 15th Dec 2006. So processing would be on hold. They asked me...if that is all right with me. Sorry...again...if that is all right with me?? Like 'beep' 'beep' 'beep'it is all right with I look like I have a choice but to wait. I've paid more than $600 dollars for the processing fees. Duh!! Silly cows....I gotta wait....

So processing would start on 15th Dec. 2nd appointment would be 5 weeks after that. I am looking at next year house moving activities end of Jan 2007 or early Feb 2007. The lady officer had told me earlier (before the letter delay thingy) that I would be paying for the house on 1st Jan 2007. I told her that I would not be paying for something that is not going to be mine till end of Jan.

I am stressed out.

Carol - Thank you dearie but you don't have to send me anything.

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