Wednesday, November 15, 2006

14th November 2006

I have a super duper yummy night last night. I went to re-connect and had a good laugh at myself. I realised how childish yet innocent my questions can be at times. Grow up woman!!...U are like 31years old...(take into account of last night event) + 1 day and few hours. The curiosity nature of mine that I had kept since young. I was able to laugh at myself. I was able to laugh without barriers, without thinking, thinking a care, without a concern. I laugh at myself and embraced it wholeheartedly.

Youtube is down for I cannot really show what my favourite songs are but from the list...when Youtube is can check out. I am born in 1975. I grew up listening to Boney M, Malaysian rock groups. My all time favourite, favourite, favourite band from Singapore..."Lovehunters" The name sounded tacky but they are not. They sings song about generation that change....blues for the people....of course love ballads....what would happen to my life if I don't have love ballads? Meaningless...mundane...dull...boring.

Ku Ukir Nama Mu (I Carve Name You = direct translation) & Ku Tetap Menanti (I Will Be Waiting)....gerek songs people. I have a major crush on the singer and still do...(just I wish he had kept his long hair). Saw them once in Kallang...I could have let my craziness taken over me and then what. pose for pictures when I do not have any camera with me. Ask for autographs...and then what would I do with it...sell on EBay...I rather keep the band music’s, delicious voice in my head, admire them the way they should have their privacy and time off.

I am in cloud nine today despite the anxiety that is building up for tomorrow's house appointment. I seriously hope & wish that everything would goes well and the officer would not ask weird questions. I want to bloody move from my present house before I drives myself crazy with the crazy neighbours that stopped by the house as though the house is a mini-mart.

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