Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Stress Stress Stress

About work, about house, about school, about loans, about getting new job, about leaving work, about weight, about food.....just about everything in the whole wide world.

My brain and my hand refuse to co-operate and work together. My heart says another thing but the mind due to the new practical software that I've just installed in me...refuse to coordinate. The whole body is in turmoil.

I am going to stop surfing net and start posting all my craziness. I need to let everything out before I explode.

Alam (the ugly looking B worker who bleached his cheeks) And I thought MJ is crazy to bleached himself. The reason why he bleached as he says that the cheeks is dark-coloured. For an Asian with darker skin tone...he says it is ugly....he just proofs the white commercials to be RIGHT!!...Loser!! So anyway, the clown face told me that my DBoss is leaving is Korea (partially true) and Mr Maeng is going to replaced him (WHAT THE BEEP BEEP!!) That sicko crazy wacko is going to replace my 'cute' Dboss. I can accept that? I refuse to accept that.

He is not a nice person. Shrewd, cunning and manipulative. So I am seriously waiting for my BONUS and see how it after Dboss and plus to get my son citizenship...then off I go. This time, I am going to work in more permanent "GARMEN" sector.

Too stress out....need to buy beds to furnish the house or else where do I place my new mattress....Arrrgghhh. Beds aside....I don't have a driver that works at my beck and kidding!

I am juggling in life. Do I want to proceed with Donkey or Tiger? No idea and been weighing on my mind.

And I am struggling with tatting....I wonder who invented or pioneered it...for the thread MUST flip. I am so close to throwing the shuttles down the refuse chute.

Time to go and start working again. I hate to update those Settlement GDB STOOPID.....

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