Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Rants

Only 64%...Mildly stressed I must say but why do I feel as though I am too stressed out...maybe like 84% instead of what it's been shown. Anyway moving on to why I am feeling stressed out...answer is simple...MONEY.

I need money to pay for the house agent's fees. Example...if the house is...back track..not a house. I mean an apartment. In SG, you don't get a house (with garage, backyard, garden space and whatsoever) get a corridor which of course should be accessible for other folks to pass by. Having potted plants is not encourageable but tolerable. Plants/leaves/flowes should not obstruct flow of traffic. No bicycle should be parked outside your door as the chances are you would not see them tomorrow. New house you don't get the 2 steps before entering your hole. I am really going off line here. Example if a house cost S$220,000 (all currency use is SG Dollars), agent fee is 1% of it plus 5% GST (goods & service tax) out of that 1%. plus the hole report of your intended purchase...$178, processing fee + chooping the hole = roughly around S$3000. I don't have that kind of money lying around.

To make matters even worse, we have decided to change lawyer as the present is BLOODY, FREAKING LAZY BITCH!!! who delays meetings, does not answer her call. Can you imagin you telling your client that client should suits to her timing. And if she were to set up meeting, on the last hour she would cancelled them with interesting excuses. My sis had enough and decided to change the lawyer...and she refuses to returned back our money.

I need to rest my work beckons me. :(

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