Saturday, July 22, 2006


In a split second, everything would change before your eyesight. Someone whom you have held in high esteem and regards...loves with all your soul. With every breathe she took was only in his name...the world came crushing down.

In addition, of the entire place for it to happen was in a crowded place. Weary students, teenagers who have been partying the night away, those who had stayed and slogged the extra hours were all there. Grace was in shocked and soon moves into a defensive mode. Grace was wondering what had actually can Grace see the person that she was going to marry with another woman. Standing by the brown tiled parapet wall, I leaned against it and could hear the conversation. When the person walked away, Grace followed and asking...Who is that woman and why are you with her? The person simply replies, this is what I have been telling you and now you may ask her what the relationship is.

Grace held on to the person’s hand and asked why she went out with him, as he is her husband. The woman smiles, I could have sworn, I could hear her laughing silently when she said that. The woman asked...what prove does she have saying this is her husband...when she has the marriage certificate saying that she and the man is legally bonded in law as husband and wife. Grace let his hand slips thru. Her eyes grew even larger when she finally let the reality of the whole thing sinks in.

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