Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stress Out Again

I was getting better when I reach home last night. I had manage to stitch some on Namuelle's fabric. I don't feel any pain at my waist. The moment I put it down and think about work, the pain came back quickly even before you can say help.

This morning, feels the pain again. I push the thought about work to the back of my mind and said that it is a pleasuring job. The pain slowly ease to a tolerable level. Cough still remains, running and block nose is gone for now. Stilll experiencing mild fever. Mood is back to a better level, no longer on crappy level.

I've gone to the point whereby I can't be bothered about my colleagues. Whether they are working, not working, where their worker is, leaving early, coming back late, work not done, graphs not updated, spreadsheet not consistent. I just don't care. I don't even care about the work anymore. I'm just doing the norm no more going the extra mile. What's the point, no one cares about it. They all expect me to do it.

Write more later, now time for breakfast. Mee Goreng. Let's see what $2.50 looks like.

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eLAnee said...

Mee Goreng??? For breakfast? Is it too filling? I'm suddenly got this mee goreng craving now... Cos I'm hungry!!!!