Saturday, May 05, 2007

BYOB or Bring Your Own Bag Day

SG launches the not use of plastic bags whatever campaign on wed, 1st week of the month. To use recycle bag instead. The thought is good for our Earth but they failed to see one thing....which is clearly right under their nose.

The freaking pigeon holes aka flat that we lived in had the refuse chute located far from the holes....can you imagine me carrying my raw fish carcass, soiled sanitary pads, over-cooked food and simply dumped them into the chute!! We have been told to dump into a plastic bag and then into the refuse chute. What an idiot!! How does cutting down on plastic bag helps the environment when you did not think of the proper solution in the first place.

Have you thought of replacing the plastic bags with paper bags? Bio-degradable bags? Restricting it to just one day of the month is not helping nor changing anything. It does not create awareness. People just dont shop on that day, they can shop another day. Big deal! About 80 to 90% of people lived in flats...we dont have special bins where we can separate our waste products = paper, plastic, glass, metal, compose. And I dont think the garmen provides that at every single flats in the country. Considering that we have like over 50 families in one flat and you gonna provide 5 bin each?? Multiply that by the number of flats around SG.......alot of bins.

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