Wednesday, February 21, 2007

3 Days of Hell

I am alive but not without major brain damage. Sg should never have long holidays/breaks more than 1 day. I am contented with my weekly Sunday breaks...the longest time that I have to spend with my mum.

The old bat went on lecturing spree on Sunday evening, pause on Monday evening continue on Tuesday morning. I was contemplating pushing her off from the kitchen windows but thinking seriously how to remove the obvious evidence. I've been watching far too many CSIs. I need a break. A real break away from my mother.

I did however manage to squeeze in some time to stitch a SanMan Design. Thought of cheating on my Wednesday SAL as today is WEDNESDAY and I have tonnes and tonnes of work piled up from Saturday. I am so lucky!

Bye people.....trying not to kill mum tonight.

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