Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I can further proof that I’m actually surrounded by more idiots. Ever since the big move last Saturday 19th May 2007. I’ve been dreading the part whereby I would moved here and my freedom would be totally snatched away from me. I need to bend to the laws of idiotics and what not.

Today is the 3rd day without reading my friends blogs. It is driving me crazy as I do not know what is happening in the world of cross stitching. Not only that, I am trying to posts whenever I get a few minutes.

I am writing this on to a Words document and then copied it to blogger. I typed using no 6 fonts so that they cant see what I typed. Well if it does not makes sense to any of the people who reads my frustrated blog….well too bad. I am typing straight from head/heart so all supposed to be true and not grammar check in my head.

I am annoyed with DW’s work attitude. I don’t know what goes thru his head to think that he is the boss and can order me around. I seriously wish that I can kicked him

Today is a grumpy week….so would only posts grumpy rants to get myself sane again due to shifting office.

I signed up with Carol to post freebies but have not been able to do so. Truly sorry Carol. I would find time to do it the moment none of the boss is watching me.

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