Friday, March 23, 2007

Is it really true?

I went out with Giraffe last night...we had our talked about us. He asked me where I want to be with him. I said to give me time to think about it.

Giraffe was busy scrolling down his mobile number and I came upon alot of person names that says Donkey. He knew what is/was going on with me and Donkey. He showed me the number one by one and asked do I know any of them. Should I say shocked....I did not give out Donkey's number to is it possible he has them??

Giraffe described Donkey to me in detail...the best part of all..Donkey has a son now with a chinese lady. The son is around 2-3 months. I am shocked yet relieved. Say what...your husband is having an affair with some girl outside...probably living with her and to the extend of having a child too...and you are relieved??

See that is so weird.

Well I'm not. I am happy. I don't have bad thoughts. I don't hate someone for deceiving me. i really can't hate. I only wished that his mum would have strangled him when he was a that is so funny.

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