Friday, December 29, 2006

He has an ISSUE with me??

Fun, fun night last night...the company had organized the annual dinner...ehh no dance last night. The weather sucks with intermittent rain, the food was terrible..thank god the company was right. So me, Mr William and Mr Shashi sat at one table which meant for 10 people....typical us...besides can't blame us...there are only 4 people left in my department and with 1 of the surveyor not 3 of us at one huge table.

I would give a detailed run-down of the event. Point to be said out first. Mr Banci needs to deal with some serious issue. I can understand if he hated my guts, my straightforwardness and my practicality but NOT to take our pictures during the dinner...bypassing us when he is just standing at the next table and clicking away...that crosses all boundaries of my tolerance towards his childish behaviour.

How I wish I can flash my finger at him then!...Now that he gets on my nerves...he my 'dear friend' is getting fried by me. I would laugh openly at him now....talked about PARANOID sissy!! Bwahahaha!!

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