Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pride Before His Fall?

This post was written on 16th Sep 2006.
I am baffled, amused, sad and kept thinking of my conversation with my colleague this morning. This is a long rant of my dept version of teamwork.

One of the B worker decided that he wants to go home after being paid peanuts working here (you mean after 4yrs, it finally dawned upon him that the company is cheating his hard-earned, sweat and blood money!!) So manpower is down...and we had to re-adjust and as usual that would means me...have to adjust it.

Let me understand this correctly...I'm a CAD Operator....supposed to be doing drawings...I get tangled up in the earth monitoring crap, forever planning the schedules (wonder when DBoss plans to even follow them), explains to BCA about the whole monitoring collection of data.

Continued 19th Sep 2006

I try to prevent myself from typing this out but it's making sick to the point that I can't bring myself to go to work today. Yup! That's right...I skipped work today. I did not call in sick. I am too depressed by the turn of events. The B worker finally decided to accept the company decision of deducting his one month salary in order for him to go back home.

Did I mentioned that he plans to come back and then work in other company that pays him so much more....almost 3 times his present salary. Well I hope he gets what he wants and be happy now.

Time frame was given to renewed the workers work permit. The B guy in-charge of all the workers...he had made them signed an agrement saying that 1 month of their salary would be dedcuted if they decided to go home before their work permit expired or not giving one month of notice before leaving for home. How true it is I'm not sure but the B-guy himself have spoken to me about the agreement.

The B worker that was going home had even told me that the B-guy had merely said to signed this for your work permit renewal and had not explained clearly to them. told my boss about it. He said he cannot do anything about it as it's the Admin way of handling things.

((I had called over the phone (as it was not convenient to chat at his table as his table was an open cubicle. Everyone is there and you are not allowed to talk freely as the voice will carry to the next person and can hear each word. Word per word. How frustrating) telling him about B-worker claim and immediately before I can further explained. He keep on insisting that there is nothing he can do about it. He can't do this, he can't do that. I have a boss who is so scared to do anything right for humankind. He is afraid being riled by the PM. But if I tell him to do something right, he can't follow that as well. I simply just don't understand what can he actually do.))

A fellow coleague had left the company but to the stupidity of the purchaser and admin manager...they had let him scot-free. He did not complete the full year of work but had taken the whole year of annual leave. So when a person leaves a company, his leaves is being pro-rated and had to be adjusted accordingly to the next salary that he would be getting them. He had tendered in 1 month in advance isn't that the norm for all the company in Singapore. But no....they had waited till the last day to do any work. The resignation letter was KIV by the admin assistant. The surveyor got his salary, extra 10days of work that he did not work for. The annual leave that he was supposed to pay back.

Another fellow colleague of mine resigned and for 2 months the company held back his salary...reason being they need to hold for his income-tax clearance. That is super-duper bull-shit. Hold back 2 months just to clear his taxes when all the people knows that ...we pay income-tax of this year...next year. besides he is a Singapore PR....If he decided to leave Singapore for good....the ICA can always re-imburse income tax from his CPF Account.

Yesterday, I saw that the Kambings get to get their salary in advance. Doraemon was earning S$7500 while Bigfoot S$9000. So all these kucing kurap earn more than they deserve...all they ever do is too smoking all the time. I think if I bow a bit lower to the Pengantin...you think I can get a higher salary?? I'm afraid I can't do that, I can't lower myself...or should I say debase myself. I have pride in myself. Pride that would not make me falls into the category of ass-licking bastards.

Seething with anger as I wrote now. My mind are in swirl and I had to let all my pent-up anger and frustration come true this or else I would just go mad.

Continuing to the bit whereby...I was talking about myself being a CAD Operator. The guy that I was talking to is a Surveyor....who nearly got chopped off for his laziness, incapability of learning new ropes and incapability of understandinig simple instructions and following it properly.

He placed himself so high up there...thinking that he knew about computers, Excel, AutoCAD and how the surveying instruments work. Due to the split and due to the fact that getting new surveyors means they have to come from Philippines. Processing for work permit is uppredictable and thank his lucky stars that he is an SPR. He proudly talks about his country. So if he is damn proud of his country and the development that they had achieved...why is it he is not there..working..building..propering himself there...rather than slogging his life here....sending the child to an outsider school...saying that by doing this the child can escape the mandatory requirement of serving for the Nation.

Anyway...he told me of a story when he was working with another company. Saying that a senior colleague had told him to pegged ONE bloddy point with a rebar. He had said to the senior colleague that...HAVE YOU GONE MAD!! YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT KIND OF JOB WHEN YOU HAVE SO MANY B WORKERS AND COULD TELL THEM TO DO IT INSTEAD OF HIM. When Japanese Soldier was told to peg on site...he had do it willingly and with the heavy concrete hammer and his worker...they both had done the work and not complained about it. He merely said that it's just part of a work. To think that Fizzy Drink would take it that it means degrading him to the point ofmerely being a labourer after all the high studies that he had done. So funny!!

I told him that Mr Smart our Survey Manager had found nothing wrong in driving the workers to work...while does he feel such a way. In fact, Mr Smart qualification was even higher than the surveyor and had felt nothing was wrong with it.

He even said that Dboss must have sense the pride and rather humiliating job meant for the scratchy Myammar Geo-Engineer and had not let him take such a lowly job of taking and checking the crack meters on the civilians houses/factories. Too funy for me.

Come to think of it....I rather work for the British and the Americans...as they don't find it too demeaning for them if they simply take pictures. Whereas that narrow-minded, idiotic, stubborn little dark brownish prick wuold never make it in life. He thinks of making it rich and always telling me about his friends doing well and supporting the needy. He could not even bring himself from sky....do you think God would grant him riches and not fully make used of it??

Feeling better now...no more anger left in me now. Time to go. as so damn cold at the library. Going to ladies and read more books.

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