Thursday, August 03, 2006


It all started in 2002, it was during the 1st day of Chinese New Year and all or most of the shops in Singapore are closed. The Chinese own about 99.7% of the shops and since it is the Chinese lot that is celebrating their most of the shops are close except for restaurants.

Morning at Woodlands MRT control station, while waiting and looking at the throng of people that passes thru the MRT mini gates, I wonder alone. Never in my life that I would have gone out during Chinese New Year. I would normally spend the 2 days of public holiday...sleeping, watching cartoons, eating, lazing around and being a major bum for two solid days. No shops is open means no shopping; besides I find it rather silly to go out when I should be resting. Most of the time I would be working and complaining that I do not have enough time to rest and sleep longer.

Today here I am at Woodlands MRT control station waiting for someone. I had invited my colleague to visit the Zoo. I love the Zoo...the monkeys, snakes, smelly horse, cute hippo and the live shows. It is rather silly or should I say expensive but I do not have much of a choice. I want to go out and do something today.

I do not want to laze around and watched telly all day long. I looked at my watch...I am always fact too early for a lot of things. I called and he was on his way here. Then I saw him. He was coming down the escalator with his traditional purple clothes. What had attracted me were his good looks. I believe that I should only go out with guys who looks good that way I can talk/speak and look at him rather than stare at something else, pretending that I am looking at him, and talk to him. I am not being fake but being very realistic. I believe that if man can demand that woman should look pretty, delicious, sexy for them in order for them to strike a conversation...likewise I should demand that for myself about man.

He walks walking towards me...and my eyes grew larger each time he came nearer. Next, he stood in front of me and asked about the phone booth. I pointed into the direction and he walks away. Ahhhhh...he is certainly tall and handsome. I wish I had asked him something or anything...oh goes on right.

I looked at my watch and knew that my colleague is late. Wonder why man cannot be on time. :( And the next thing I know, the guy was standing besides me smiling.

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